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Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sweetpea Enterprises is a cut flower farm. We offer sustainably grown cut flowers for local Restaurants, florists, and the general public.
Sweetpea Enterprises believes that the farm to table movement shouldn't just include produce & food - but should also include the floral industry, Farm to Vase.

Sweetpea Enterprises

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Why Buy Local?

Grown with Care

From seedling to cutting our blooms are treated with care and attention. We treat our blooms like it's our backyard garden...because it is! 
We only cut the best flowers for our customers. 

Support Local

When you support Sweetpea Enterprises you are not only supporting a local small Milwaukee business, but you are also allowing us to continue to expand. 

Farm to Vase

We cannot wait to help with your floral needs! 
Whether it be an event, floral sourcing need, or even just a bouquet to lift your mood, we can do it all. 
Shop with us today, or inquire for more details!  

Vase Life

We pride ourselves on growing beautiful plants that will last for much longer than flowers you may find elsewhere.


Most flowers in grocery stores are imported from countries outside of the U.S. When you buy from Sweetpea Enterprises, we supply you with fresh flowers grown from our farm.
This helps create a more energy efficient, green alternative - farm to vase option.


Blooms are harvested only the day before your pick up day for maximum vase life


Are always in water after being harvested​


Do not go through the stress of being shipped over long distances


Because we do not use pesticides and utilize natural growing methods, our flowers have a much longer vase life than many others you will find commercially. 
You can be comfortable knowing that having our fresh flowers in your home is a much safer alternative than buying from a grocery store!


Because imported flowers have a longer distance to travel, they are often genetically modified to have larger stems and lose their fragrance. Our blooms are provided at their most natural and freshest form. This means high quality flowers for you, and  beautiful aromas!

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